Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Majority of Malaysians unhappy in workplace

More than three quarters of Malaysians are unhappy with their current jobs, a survey from Southeast Asia's largest online employment company show.

JobStreet.com, which also has the largest online database of fresh graduate resumes in Malaysia, said that its survey showed that the majority of Malaysians are a unhappy lot at work, due to the scope of the work.

According to the survey titled 'Employee Job Satisfaction in Malaysia', some 78 per cent of the respondents, were unhappy at the workplace.

Suprisingly, the survey showed only 17 per cent of the 1,145 respondents survey had indicated a low salary as their source of unhapiness.

Although, salary was not the major factor in influencing happiness at work, only a mere 11 per cent of the respondents felt they earned a good income.

The 22 per cent of the respondents who are happy at work, said that there were three core factors which helped influence their happiness.

The survey also showed, 50 per cent of them claimed to enjoy their working experience and working challenges, 21 per cent were happy with bosses who appreciated and valued their output, while 19 per cent did so because of the friendship with colleagues.

Overall, the employees agreed that the ultimate change to determine their well-being at work, would need to include opportunities for career development and also work-life balance in the company.

If these needs are not met, the majority (62 per cent) said they would find another job to restore the happiness at work.

A total of 1,145 employees participated in the survey conducted by JobStreet.com last month.