Monday, 31 March 2014

Malaysia signs off EOR projects

Malaysia's state-owned Petronas is set to sanction two water-alternate-gas enhanced oil recovery projects this year, while it set out to bring the first large-scale in-country WAG project at its flagship Tapis oilfield onstream in the second quarter.

Petronas' vice president of petroleum management, Adif Zulkifli told reporters on the sideline of the inaugural OTC Asia conference in Kuala Lumpur, the state player expects to sanction two WAG projects in the Baram Delta.

The first, as Upstream earlier reported, is the integrated Bardegg 2 cum Baronia EOR project already being tendered out.

The second, is the recently approved WAG EOR for the Betty field, according to Adif.

First oil from the two new WAG EOR projects is targeted to flow from 2017 or 2018.

The two new WAG EOR field candidates fall under the so-called Baram Delta Operations EOR PSC between Petronas and supermajor Shell.

The BDO group includes three other fields - Bokor, Tukau and West Lutong.

Petronas has also teamed up with ExxonMobil for WAG EOR on seven fields off Peninsular Malaysia - Tapis, Seligi, Guntong, Semangkok, Irong Barat, Tabu and Palas.

First water or gas injection at the Tapis WAG EOR is scheduled for July, with additional output at the mature oilfield expected to kick in from early 2015, according to to Petronas' senior general manager of petroleum resource development, Emry Hisham b Yusoff.

Petronas has successfully arrested the decline in production at Malaysia's mature oilfields to 3.2% per annum through its EOR and increased oil recovery efforts, Adif said.

The Malaysian national oil company estimates further IOR or EOR projects could recover another 2 billion barrels of oil by lifting recovery factor to between 45% and 50%, up from the current average of 35%.

The aim is to boost output by another 150,000 barrels per day over and above the current average of 500,000 bpd, Adif said.

Between 10 and 15 EOR potential projects are now under examination, he added.

Malaysia's reservoirs hold about 20 billion barrels of oil resources in place

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