Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Sabah Shell advances Malikai oil field work offshore Malaysia

Sabah Shell Petroleum Co. Ltd. (SSPC) let a contract to Flowserve Corp. for supply of custom designed water injection and liquid transfer pumps for the Malikai oil field project, which lies 68 miles offshore Sabah, Malaysia.

Flowserve also will supply pumps for seawater lift, firewater, drain caisson, flare knockout drum, circulation, and sump services.

SSPC last year let a contract to Technip SA for the engineering, procurement, and construction of a tension-leg platform (TLP) for the TLP Malikai deepwater project.

This TLP, which will weigh 26,000 tonnes including topsides and hull, will be designed as a fully manned platform to be installed 110 km offshore Sabah in 500 m of water. The structure will have the capacity to process 60,000 b/d of oil and 1.4 million cu m/day of gas.

Flowserve will provide four variable speed drive barrel pumps of super duplex stainless steel construction. Two WIK (BB5) multistage double case diffuser pumps will supply high-pressure deoxygenated water for well injection and a pair of HSO (BB5) multistage, double case volute pumps will transport the crude from the field to the KBB processing facility.

Flowserve will additionally supply 6 WUC (VS6) vertical, double case, multistage pumps, 6 Pleuger submersible pumps in super duplex materials, and 6 HPX (OH2) single stage API process pumps for various process services.

SSPC in 2004 reported an oil discovery on Block G with the Malikai-1 exploration well . In 2006, the company made its fourth discovery with the Pisagan-1A exploration well on Block G.

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